School Announcements
Welcome to Anderson Elementary!

The 2014-15 school year is 
Meet the Teacher Night!

Meet the Teacher Night is Monday, August 11th

from 5:00-6:30 p.m.


Please join us and take the opportunity to meet you child’s teacher and the rest of the staff!  1st-5th grade students may also bring their school supplies. 

Anderson Dress Code Vote
During enrollment parents are being asked to vote on whether we will keep uniforms or not.  A parentlink will be sent out Thursday evening or Friday morning.  If the vote is to keep uniforms the information below indicates what is expected.

Students are expected to be in uniform each and every day. Parents will be contacted if students arrive at school not wearing the approved uniform. The dress code is as follows:


Shirts must be solid red, white, light blue, or navy blue, and must have sleeves and collars. Boys' shirts must be tucked in at all times. If girls are wearing fitted/tailored shirts, they will not be required to tuck them in.

 - Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, spaghetti straps, hooded sweatshirts, and shirts that show midriff are not permitted.
 - Any logos on tops or bottoms must be smaller than the size of a thumb.
 - No extremely oversized or baggy clothing.
 - Students may wear a long-sleeved shirt under their short-sleeved, collared shirt; however, these must also be in the dress code colors.
 - Jackets may be worn in the classroom as needed. Only uniform sweaters (not hoodies or sweatshirts) are allowed throughout the building and must be in the dress code colors.


Bottoms must be plain khaki or navy blue. No blue jeans, sweats, corduroys, leggings, capri pants, cargo shorts, or cargo pants are allowed. "Sagging" is not tolerated.

Acceptable clothing may include:
 - Shorts/Skorts/Skirts/Jumpers - must be even with or longer than the child's fingertips when his/her arms are at his/her side.

 - Slacks - no longer than the top portion of the child's shoe sole.
 - Tights - if girls choose to wear tights or socks with their jumpers or skirts, they must follow the dress code colors.

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